I have been told that Armstrong knows
On how to forecast the next big lows
But when it comes to the next big top
You must look at the Ferris clock
For it is precise its timing right
It will guide one though the hype
To go short or just to cash in all
For it follows a very precise law

Now when it comes for the in-between
This is a time that u must wean
Your anger thoughts and your fears
And put your money management into gear
Use your fibs if you must
Or play the Bradley if you trust
For when it is all said and done
It is your bottom line that tells you if you have won


About ketchemandfleezem

I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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One Response to Poem

  1. jai avi says:

    Wow….didn’t know you were also a talented Poet. Nice 🙂


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