in economics , actually what is urban legend and what is reality

This video is worth watching and if one listens closely , one will understand how propaganda creates the myth and it can help one see the reality behind the myth.

Come on people educate yourself, find more than one way to look at a problem and learn how to follow the money.


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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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17 Responses to in economics , actually what is urban legend and what is reality

  1. Linda Barga says:

    Urban “Legend” not “legion”


  2. caught it fast and fixed ty.


  3. Tom Boinger says:

    gar’s seminar and i quote “some smart ass posted on the forum that this does’nt work ”
    wonder who that was?


  4. Tom Boinger says:

    last post from me, you altered my post, typical teacupper , loves to talk freedoms, yet takes them away at his whim. be lonely and have a banana !


  5. Tom Boinger says:

    again your command of english is bad, you know which post you altered , i don’t talk baby shit like you two do, you altered a post a few days ago, looks like JB”s style of third grade rhetoric. as a matter of fact , she admitted to it.(editors note: He is lying here) That’s JB style, bitch and steal, I bitched to WordPress about you altering my post, told them i thought it was unethical. they wrote back ,you’re being watched. Because of your lack of English skills, you’re on the terrorist list.


  6. Tom Boinger says:

    the freedom touting republican altered my post. if not for me, this blog would go too shit.. few is me… you can’t spell ….JB is brain dead, Linda is a goof…. did you guys ever find the president’s birch certificate?. hillary and bill in 2016 !!!! another post rights, my rights, what happened too my rights, what happened too that right winger who loves rights, oh that’s right , he is referring to his own, You are a hypocrite. the worst kind, a christian who hates?


  7. Tom Boinger says:

    what possible high do you “two” get out of changing usernames, i’m a literary pathologist, so
    know who is posting even though username is changed. You two delight in that activity , God what a boring ass life you have. go out , get a drink, read a good book, walk the dog, volunteer,
    draw a picture of the prophet. something useful. pathetic. Peel a banana !


  8. Tom Boinger says:

    RW that is not UDOG posting on the forum , probably JB, she likes nursing home antics. ask udog for his site’s address? JB gets her jollies stealing.


  9. Tom Boinger says:

    i figured out you guys , this whole anti thing, you just can’t stand that the President of the US is BLACK. Hate diminishes you.


  10. Tom Boinger says:

    you altered another post, you just don’t have the brainpower to compete.


  11. Tom Boinger says:

    it’s goofy anyway, a little more goofiness won’t hurt.


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