This is a must read on economics

You have really added dimensions to my thinking. Thank you very much.

One thing that continues to puzzle me is how empire’s die and inflation/deflation.

I get the part about the deflationary aspects of killing the economy via regulation and taxation. It is right in front of us every day. I get the part about that will not allow hyperinflation ala Germany and Zimbabwe.

What I do not get is how you can debase the currency such as you show in various Roman currency charts and not have significant levels of inflation [to me that is 10%+ per year]. If you debase the currency does not the person using that currency suffer a wealth reduction in their capital and therefore require more of the same currency to buy the same amount of goods [inflation?]? Seems like ‘stagflation’ at best.

Thanks for your continued help.


3FACESn of Inflation

ANSWER: We are all victims of how we were taught to think in a linear fashion. It is a difficult thing to let go of this archaic thinking process and many people simply cannot make that step forward to see the dynamic world that exists around them. They will forever remain captive of their linear world trapped in a paradox they cannot escape. Those linear people tend to be people who gravitate toward government. If you grasp what I am talking about no doubt you are nearly there or you would not read this blog since it is not for the fainthearted nor the linear thinker.

read the rest here!!!!


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13 Responses to This is a must read on economics

  1. Tom Boinger says:

    just reading armstrong’s introduction, i guess my linear thinking has me seeing too many grammar mistakes, he stole about 65 million , think he could get a good grammar checker.


  2. Tom Boinger says:

    hype did you post vaccinations don’t work, i bet there are millions of kids that are thankful
    they got polio vacs. why don’t you think before you post.


  3. Tom Boinger says:

    roman currency charts, right ? funny the stuff they scratch on prison walls.


  4. Tom Boinger says:

    you enjoy me , otherwise, cut the blog, don’t though, those donuts are keeping my trading afloat. i go the opposite.


  5. Tom Boinger says:

    jeffrey how sensitive you are, BBC, how cute that is , you ought to work for a girly marketing company, you call yourself a trader, do you work, so you are are not good at trading. Definition of a trader is someone who is good at making money, not some one who tries. he who tries and loses over and over again is an addict. SO what are you? JB is not a trader, she can afford
    only pennies.


  6. Tom Boinger says:

    would you like me to stop posting ? sure, i have better things to do than being the Lone Ranger of the forum. Stay on topic and be respectful of each other. Quit acting like idiots. easy ! you
    don’t see me posting any off topic posts on the forum.


  7. Tom Boinger says:

    wow , you must be a hit at the sunnydale nursing center, you and jeffrey , two regulars on SNL.


  8. Tom Boinger says:

    you two have no idea who i am ? zoooorrrrrrrroooooo!


  9. Tom Boinger says:

    you spelled you’re wrong, most trailer courts, ones with showers anyhow, have an english teacher on site, you and hype should avail .


  10. Tom Boinger says:

    well if i get anything done, it might be to correct the grammar of a hillbilly forum, perhaps i’ll get the teacher of the year award. Best english teacher among idiot teacuppers


  11. Tom Boinger says:

    amazing how much space i get for someone who does’nt post. You ought to work on stocks . the old ON TOPIC thing rears its head. you ruined the leaderboard , what’s next ice cream?

    JB how is the new service working out? If you need money , i’m sure Palin will help out a fellow cupper. you know what she’ll say: Get drilled , baby, get drilled.


  12. Tom Boinger says:

    bunch of fu…ing idiots, can’t pick a stock, but have all the answers to any world problem. JB, check into lead poisoning.


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