Just from turning to the left, we will return to the dark ages.

Putting security ahead of freedom provides neither.

And 50 years later we are almost there.

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4 Responses to Just from turning to the left, we will return to the dark ages.

  1. luckylucktrader says:

    Very interesting video.People say in God we trust, but its up to us too. We will get what we deserve or even less than we deserve, unless People will learn from history and use common sense without involving all kind of ideologies esp left ones.


  2. Tom Boinger says:

    sure im for cutting taxes , lets get rid of the military, we are in 187 countries….there is no republican that will cut the military. whats here besides the great lakes? Hype , JB , and 12 million aliens. i’ll take the aliens , they work.


    • jai avi says:

      Obama: “People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ During the Crusades”
      That is entirely true, no one today would argue the point Mr. President. My question to you is, “so what?” Do cruel religious conquests 800 years ago justify cruel religious conquests today? Are we some how suppose to do less, tolerate more, and stay silent longer because of medieval madmen centuries ago. Are you once again trying to justify the behavior of “Islamic Terrorists” who you refuse to acknowledge exist? And finally, do you really think there is anything you can say that will make it okay to behead human beings and burn them alive in cages?


    • jai avi says:

      White progressives believe that they are superior to everyone else.
      White progressives believe that people of color can’t control themselves and are not responsible for their own behavior.
      White progressives believe that they have to lie about everything because no one else can handle the truth.


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