It does not get any better than this!!!



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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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96 Responses to It does not get any better than this!!!

  1. Tom Boinger says:

    i love when you blame me for Gar’s changes, hell i don’t post on the forum, he reacts to you…I was on the day trade warrior chat today, 161 traders, has separate chat for off topic, nothing but alerts and relevant info. refreshing … people there to make money, not to socialize….go to starbucks if you feel lonely…i repeat: he reacts to your posts , not mine.


  2. Tom Boinger says:

    tell jeffrey , i sense he should not be smoking and drinking! especially before he posts.


  3. Tom Boinger says:

    ask jeffrey, why he works a full time job


  4. Tom Boinger says:

    i won’t follow anyone who drinks while trading, nor do i have faith in anyone who has a full time job. Trade your way to freedom. Look at Ronnie , what a trader ….good man. no bs ….all


  5. Tom Boinger says:

    One need only read Exxon’s website to know that the company that once funneled tens of millions of dollars to climate skeptics has had a change of heart: “ExxonMobil believes that it is prudent,” bold letters now declare, “to develop and implement strategies that address the risks to society associated with increasing [greenhouse gas] emissions.”

    all the big oil companies, Shell, Bp, Chevron, who have spent hundreds of millions trying to debunk global warming, now admit to to it. But not teacuppers, why, it’s a way to take the opposite view. republicans receive 87% of campaign contributions from oil and energy. So goes the republican vote.So goes a teacuppers marching orders.


  6. Tom Boinger says:

    trading and not winning, winning is making money, might as well play craps. If the Leaderboard is any indication, you guys ought to haunt GA.


  7. Tom Boinger says:

    what is the definition of an idiot- making the same mistake over and over, that is the definition of a bad trader.


  8. Tom Boinger says:

    CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CHAT: hype posts : “where is bushy?” ronnie gives out winners.


  9. Tom Boinger says:

    debating with a guy who spells “to” too , is like arguing with a 1 yr old who shits his pants and drools. If you can’t write , you can’t comprehend. the oil companies have admitted global warming is real, and that they are complicit, what else do you need? what else do the republicans need. It does’nt matter anyway, since the indians and chinese have what 4 billion ready to consume consumers. we better find another planet. and hype go fu… yourself , you selfish bastard.


  10. Tom Boinger says:

    i might be a liberal but i don’t HAVE to trade penny stocks. What about you JB?
    nothing dumber than a POOR ass republican.


    • jai avi says:

      Idea: Since you are so awesomely wonderful and such a hot trader and truth seeker, why don’t you start your own blog and stop contaminating Hyper’s?


    • jai avi says:

      Dumb ass is This Liberal platform….how could any sane person agree with this must less vote for a President with these anti-american beliefs?
      1. God is out….Allah is in
      2. Israel is out…Palestine is in
      3. Citizens are out…Illegals are in
      4. Constitution is out…Sharia is in
      5. Business is out…Unions are in
      6. Civil rights are out…Big Brother is in
      7..Heterosexuals are out…Gays are in
      8..Marriage is out…Sodomy is in
      9. Sanity is out…Liberalunatics are in.


  11. Tom Boinger says:

    JB there is a new threat, it’s called cooties down under – it’s of most importance to change your drawers each night, especially if you live on the west coast and trade penny stocks.


  12. Tom Boinger says:

    don’t forget that blue stuff.


  13. Tom Boinger says:

    Perceived problems of etiquette have come up before with the first lady. In 2009 during her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth in Britain, she drew headlines when she hugged the monarch. British tabloids picked up on the embrace, and some noted that etiquette wasn’t followed, because people aren’t supposed to touch the queen. However, other outlets quickly noted that the queen returned the hug.

    President Obama has had his fair share of criticism as well. Critics took issue when he bowed in front of Saudi King Abdullah at a G20 meeting in 2009, and again for bowing to the Japanese Emperor Akihito. Although, aides at the time told CNN on condition of anonymity that, “It wasn’t a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he’s taller than King Abdullah.”

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney was one of Obama’s most vocal critics and said an American leader should never bow to anyone. However, a State Department spokesperson at the time told CNN that, “It’s a natural response of the President the first time he meets the Japanese head of state, to show a sign of respect.”

    so i guess according to you hick teacupers , the president is both a muslim and a worhipper of the Japanese Emperor. and the first lady is a british spy. there you go seeing a conspiracy even
    in salt water taffy.


  14. Tom Boinger says:

    as to your number 1, freedom of religion, isn’t that in the constitution, oh that’s right teacuppers believe in freedom within Christianity. freedom to worship….not just christians…all.


  15. Tom Boinger says:

    Let’s address number 5: BUSINESS vs UNIONS. Did plumbers, policemen, or teachers
    cause the sub prime depression,no it was BUSINESS, do carpenters, sheet metal
    workers , or boilermakers take jobs overseas, No it was BUSINESS, who is responsible for worker compensation, 40 hr week, children in school, UNIONS. BUSINESS starts wars , union people fight them.UNIONS fought for decades for an 8 hour day, BUSINESS opposed.


  16. Tom Boinger says:

    as to number 3 citizens are out …illegals are in ,,, they are here because they are hired by business, you ought to pray they will stay, the illegals are Christians, Muslims are outbirthing
    all religions, i’ll leave it you to figure out the future. you’re the anti Muslim. we may need them to fight China also. Business will get us in that war.


  17. Tom Boinger says:

    number 8, marriage is sacred huh -why is the divorce rate 50%, as to Sodomy , perhaps in your house!


  18. Tom Boinger says:

    Israel is out … Palestine is in …. prove it…. let’s see if you can frame a sentence. I know we provided Israel with a missile defense as of late.


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