right on the money


hard to get any better than this!!


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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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28 Responses to right on the money

  1. jai avi says:

    Absolutely amazing ovals. This could have been one of your best presents ever.


  2. Tom Boinger says:

    OK JB , miss betatester , give us some examples show you use the new option stuff. I’ll buy if you point the way.


  3. Tom Boinger says:

    amazingly obtuse, those ovals. ill stick with jeffs stuff, though it is also amazingly obtuse.
    i think he drinks too much!


  4. Tom Boinger says:

    JB i dont know why you gush at hype’s stuff, he likes sungen better, a person can tell.
    Sungen and Hype sitting in a tree …… Hype avoids you ! young love , young love,


  5. Tom Boinger says:

    anyone see or hear jeffs honey dipper music…. must be rural comedy .. sure wont play in the big city. Jeff do you really think that is funny..You need a night out in the big city, jeff.


  6. Tom Boinger says:

    it’s amazing how a lot of old timers are coming out of the woodwork with the addition of gars new stuff , must be the smell of money.


  7. Tom Boinger says:

    do you think mrdevinc is devin? since hype and Jb have been stealing usernames, you just can’t tell. is’nt is a shame about stealing, i’m for the muslim punishment, off with your hands.. thieves suck…no matter what you steal, next JB and Hype will be out doing republican graffiti.
    Chevron sucks! the climate change admitter. ha ha!


  8. Tom Boinger says:

    hype those damn regulations, yeah ill bet youre all for lead, asbestos, tobacco, pollution,
    mercury, poisonings. damn stop signs, damn red lights, damn no shirt , no shoes, no service,
    throw your shit in the water, right hype youre all for that, you old regressive…..ill bet you hustle to the mailbox for your governments checks though…..


  9. Tom Boinger says:

    i know this Goofbird , i invested in SPY at 70 when his highness took office , it’s now 201.
    can’t fight that, i hear gas is now $1.46 in texas. what a man he is! some socialist, the market tripled,wealth is up 171%. Of course you and Hype are penny stockplayers, so you wouldn’t know about wealth. I hear the democrats will change the constitution , so the president gets 4 more years. yahoo!


    • jai avi says:

      I don’t know what name to put on your sickness……any ideas?


    • jai avi says:

      See if you can wrap your brain around this oil/gas concept.

      President Obama, Democrats Proven Wrong on Gas Prices -President Obama is not a friend of cheap, affordable gasoline. His words and his deeds prove it. He says he will veto the Keystone XL pipeline project, and who can forget his pick for Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, openly musing that “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”? At the time, that meant $7-9 per gallon.

      It’s true that the price of gas will always fluctuate based on supply and demand and many other factors. We may see prices go back up. But it’s undeniable that increased American energy production in recent years has resulted in lower gasoline prices now, just as Republicans said it would.

      President Obama now says cheap gas won’t last. That certainly may be true – if he has anything to do with it.


      • Tom Boinger says:

        “It’s true that the price of gas will always fluctuate based on supply and demand and many other factor” you said the above. that ditz brain of yours is going to figure out why oil is low, right , you and Palin ought to run on the NO BRAIN PLATFORM.

        Are Walmarts internment camps yet? Did anyone find Obama’s birth certificate? Did Obama design the Marine hats, you said he did. I could go on and on , all the hair brained right wing ditz stuff you posted. Thank God , lead abatement saved you.


    • jai avi says:

      Oil is at an all time low, thanks in part to private land fracking, which Obama has not been able to stop.

      The Obama administration is still threatening to veto the Keystone pipeline citing “environmental concerns” and the idea that Canadian oil is somehow not helpful to the American economy.
      Of course Obama must not realize that oil is a worldwide commodity and the price is set globally, not dependent on local production.

      Democrats have long hated oil, as if it were some sinister black substance designed wreck the environment rather than a naturally occurring substance that fuels modernity.

      Liberals are not shy taking the money that oil produces though, especially as campaign contributions.

      According to Politico, BP oil has given more than $3.5 million to Obama alone and spent another $15.9 million on lobbying.

      It can never be said that Democrats aren’t hypocrites.


  10. Tom Boinger says:

    why would you have access to Devin’s father’s resume? or do you enjoy googling strangers?


  11. Tom Boinger says:

    you trying to solve the oil thing, more complex than that old lady brain of yours. read your right wing blogs and post some more lies. All i know is that you and Hype with your EXTREMIST views
    do a disservice to the forum, the forum rules state “be respectful of others”,. Why should I and other Democrats be subjected to your extremism. If you were not related to Gar , you would be gone. Gar warned Ronnie yesterday about posting a competitive site. How does Hype get away with posting Armstrong, a convict , convicted of stealing investor money. Go the vector vest, tradestation, worden , name the software, you won’t find anyone posting teacup crap.


  12. Tom Boinger says:

    your genius boyfriend, Hype, posts this ” Option volume rarely works, did 3 year study on it” . He posts that stupidity right after Gar advertises for the seminar. Why not just spit on Gar’s sales .
    Now if Ronnie or Jolox would have done that, barred. Smart move Genius, yeah your’e one sensitive guy.


  13. Tom Boinger says:

    the forum rules state: “be respectful of others” . Check your poem Hype, maybe that rule is in there.


  14. Tom Boinger says:

    another teacup lie by hype……”In 2011, the CB Richard Ellis Group (now CBRE Group, Inc.), the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, was awarded an exclusive contract to market USPS facilities which provides CBRE with a commission of 2 to 6 percent on the sale of those properties. This award has been the subject of some controversy, as CBRE’s Chairman of the Board is Richard C. Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, who represents the state of California in the U.S. Senate.”

    hey mr liberterian , you didnt squack when the senate and reps cut welfare and raised farm subsidies.


  15. Tom Boinger says:

    $7 billion per year subsidizing the oil industry.

    $600 billion—15 times the value of proposed food stamp cuts—over a decade by allowing corporations to stash cash overseas.

    $1 trillion over a decade be allowing special tax exemptions and loopholes for multinational corporations and wealthy households.

    $137 billion over a decade by not negotiating prescription drug prices.

    Over $20 billion per year on farm subsidies.

    id rather give it to the poor,


  16. Tom Boinger says:

    so would Jesus, would Jesus be a republican?


  17. Tom Boinger says:

    Super-rich investor Roger Ver objected to the oppression of having to pay taxes on his gazillions, and in an Ayn Randian hissy fit, renounced his U.S. citizenship. Now he lives in the tropical tax haven heaven of St. Kitts. Problem solved. Happy ending for him, right? Well no, because now he would like to come to the U.S. to attend a tech conference, presumably so he can make some more money to shelter from taxes. And the mean U.S. authorities won’t let him in. His visa application was rejected. “So Ver took to the Twitter machineto whine about tyrants and post Darth Vader pictures,” according to Wonkette.


  18. Tom Boinger says:

    hype isnt ann rand a hero of yours , google her death, she died on welfare!


  19. Tom Boinger says:

    Ayn Rand’s philosophy is not one that any sane, rational adult can live by consistently any more than it’s a philosophy that any successful, prosperous society could adopt. Ayn Rand wasn’t insane so as soon as it was plain what her real choices were she chose to path of government support and abandoned her own failed philosophy. She just didn’t have the courage to admit how much of a failure her philosophy was before she died.


  20. Tom Boinger says:

    i don’t need government assistance till i really need it. Butt puckering time makes us all takers.
    even ann rand


  21. Tom Boinger says:

    so hype about that Post office real estate deal, Ellis the real estate company is the largest in the world, it’s not like they belong to feinstein, and the commission rate is right on , so what’s your bitch, don’t forget now senators and republican reps voted to cut welfare and UP their own farm subsidies . if you want to talk about DIRECT conflict of interest, that’s it


  22. Tom Boinger says:

    “Journalist Peter Byrne expanded his previous news writings on this subject into a full-length book dedicated to the relationship between Richard Blum, CBRE, and the USPS in which he charged Blum and CBRE with various misdealings and mismanagement in brokering the sales of USPS properties, but he offered no proof that Blum and CBRE had obtained or kept their contract with the USPS due to the influence of Senator Feinstein.”

    so once again, Hype or JB lie, billions huh? another right wing blog lie?


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