Governments greed for money.

The following came out of the WSJ and  when the government needs money they will find anyway they can to get it. No one is safe.
Prosecutors Burn Down the Law

Jan. 2, 2015 6:45 p.m. ET
Prosecutorial misconduct has become an ugly commonplace of modern government, manipulating the legal system to attack easy political targets. So some good news: The courts may dismantle a California settlement that was a product of fraud by prosecutors.

The story began in 2007 with the Moonlight Fire in California that burned some 65,000 acres, about two-thirds on federal land. Within 48 hours and while the flames were still burning, the state’s department of forestry and fire protection, known as Cal Fire, and the U.S. Forest Service blamed the disaster on Sierra Pacific, a Redding-based company that owns some 1.2 million acres of timberland.

In 2009 a federal-state task force brought official complaints against the company and nearby landowners. California officials filed an action in state court while prosecutors sued for $1 billion in federal court. Sierra Pacific has insisted it didn’t start the fire but, faced with an open-ended legal fight, the company in 2012 settled the federal case for $55 million and a deed of some 22,500 acres to the U.S. government.

But the state case continued, and it has exposed a fiasco of fraud and corruption so significant that the company is seeking to have the federal settlement overturned. Among other problems, government investigators and prosecutors doctored reports, misrepresented facts and retaliated against employees whose questions threatened their strategy.

According to the theory implicating the company, the fire started when the blade of a Sierra Pacific bulldozer hit a rock and created a spark. Government investigators pinpointed a location and claimed they had confirmation from a bulldozer driver. Problem was, both the fire’s alleged point of origin and the scenario to buttress it were fraudulent. When the company questioned the bulldozer driver, he denied having made the statement and admitted he couldn’t have confirmed the statement prosecutors had him sign because he didn’t know how to read.

Prosecutors were also dishonest about where the fire started. Overhead videos have shown that the point of origin marked by the government was well outside the visual boundaries of the burning forest nearly an hour after the fire started.

Leading the federal fire investigation was then-head of the Eastern District of California’s Affirmative Fire Litigation Team, Robert Wright. A specialist in fire litigation, Mr, Wright says in a 15-page declaration in federal court that prosecutors withheld material information in the case, including a change in the fire’s stated point of origin.

Mr. Wright says he also discovered an error in calculating the damage of part of a separate wildfire, which reduced the potential liability to $15 million from $25 million. Mr. Wright felt he was under a professional obligation to disclose the document, and he confirmed this with the Justice Department’s Professional Responsibility Advisory Office. But he says his boss, Civil Chief David Shelledy, pushed back, saying, “That’s a beginning. Now what can you do to avoid creating an ethical obligation to volunteer a harmful document.”

When Mr. Wright disclosed it anyway, he says he was kicked off the Moonlight Fire case by Mr. Shelledy, days after he received a commendation for his performance on another case by U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner. Mr. Shelledy declined to comment, but Mr. Wagner told us that “we very strongly disagree with the assertions” made by Mr. Wright, “particularly insofar as they allege misconduct by individual AUSAs and retaliation by our office against a former employee.”

Mr. Wagner adds that Mr. Shelledy was “recently awarded the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service from Attorney General Holder. ”

A second federal prosecutor, Eric Overby, joined the case in 2011, only to withdraw promptly on discovering what he called prosecutorial abuse directed squarely at raising revenue. He told defense counsel that in “my entire career, I have never seen anything like this. Never.”

In February 2014, California state Judge Leslie Nichols assailed the federal and state government for abuses of discovery so “reprehensible” and “egregious” that they “threatened the integrity of the judicial process.” He threw out the case and awarded Sierra Pacific $30 million in sanctions against Cal Fire.

If that seems like a large number, the judge noted, the prosecutors were out to “win at any cost.” Defendants had to uncover layers of governmental corruption, Judge Nichols continued. “The cost of Plaintiff Cal Fire’s conduct is too much for the administration of justice to bear.”

The case is growing in infamy. In October, Sierra Pacific filed a motion before federal judge Kimberly Mueller under rule 60(d) to vacate the settlement on grounds that it had been reached as the result of fraud on the court. The case was then removed from Judge Mueller and reassigned to a new judge, William Shubb, who will hear the next phase of the case.

That move acknowledges a legal fraud that could burn down the courthouse, not to mention the reputation of the government’s fire investigators and the federal prosecutors pursuing a payday. Judge Shubb has an obligation to sanction these legal abuses with enough force that prosecutors across the country get the message.


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66 Responses to Governments greed for money.

  1. udog101 says:

    ya right


  2. Tom Boinger says:

    enlightening post concerning FEMA, Birddroppings, that will really help to sell gars software, some other riveting articles on that site, A giant pig is raised by Obama and let loose on the citizens of Austin, the Bushes are aliens from a far off galaxy, Robin Williams was a closet teacupper( he was hung because he broke the Teacupper oath of stupidity and decided to take a few GED classes), and for the New year Bird droppings will cash in her bottles and play a stock over 5 dollars. Hyperion will break down and get a spell check app. Jeff will be less sensitive unless he is gay, not that there is anything wrong with that!


  3. Tom Boinger says:

    im black, canadian, chinese, jewish,and college educated. that’s why Birddroppings hates me.


  4. Tom Boinger says:

    what , lunacy? it’s boring, i’m exciting !


  5. Tom Boinger says:

    JB you posted you got a brain… post one scan, prove it, post one way to use Gar’s program, youre a betatester right, give us one sane post. you’re great at posting how wonderful the program is….prove it.


  6. Tom Boinger says:

    it’s about time you extremists starting posting Hillary stuff , she’s you’re next president.
    8 more years of liberalism… maybe a four day work week, no more cars, just bikes, guns not allowed , you have to pass a literacy test to own one, a union man for vice president, perhaps a teacher. lots more free things, no more asphalt roads, a horse in every garage, green, green ,
    the grass is green on the far side of the hill……$15 per hour to fast food workers, $40 per hour mandatory for welders, taxes raised especially the income tax on the rich or those who live in trailers. free haircuts with a shave, those under 4 foot get two votes, democrats get 8 votes,
    nuts get 1/2 vote. a statue of Cuomo in every town square. gold outlawed, it’s alien and from outer space, contains pagan babies.


  7. Tom Boinger says:

    JB is the hostess of the site, she welcomes you with earnings ( that’s helpful) then you eat, you’re about to relax with coffee, then she hustles you out the door with her very slanted screaming political stupidity.


  8. Tom Boinger says:

    that TESLA what a trader … successful and approachable…… he tells you how to trade the earnings……and he is a liberal, me and him trading geniuseseseseseses. JB and Hype
    are becoming the penny queens, anything dumber than a poor republican. Go Tesla….


    • If you did the leader board you would be last and you know it. And unlike you tesla has class and doesn’t pull the name calling like you do when your arguments suck copious ass. Comparing yourself to Tesla is like Hitler comparing himself to Calvin Coolidge.


  9. Tom Boinger says:

    JB you don’t have to post a picture of your mom to prove a point , hardup to prove a point….
    dumb ass republican.


  10. Tom Boinger says:

    i’ll smoke you one day on the leaderboard, let’s put up a prize, say $10,000 , let RW hold the money.we both send him a money order, i trust him. I’ll figure out some rules, to minimize cheating. ( you’ve already admitted you rig the leaderboard.) You can follow Armstrong..,
    if you don’t have the money , borrow it from JB. She can cash in her bottles.


  11. Tom Boinger says:

    your brain must be good for say half a sentence, up above you say: ” doesn’t pull the name calling like you do when your arguments suck copious ass” half way through the sentence you lost it and used verbiage you say I use. Now who uses logic and who writes like a three year old
    with a meth habit. Don’t forget I’m Jesuit trained. I’m like a logic ninja . You, you were home schooled in a drainage ditch.


  12. Tom Boinger says:

    by the way Hitler and Coolidge were fellow Blitzenbergers. actually second cousins., take off Hitlers mustache, remarkable resemblence.


  13. Tom Boinger says:

    you and JB , go ahead, assault Tesla with your extremism, watch another trader disappear. soon there will be you , Jeffrey, Birddroppings ,and Sungen , rehashing right wing extremism. It will an echo , gold, guns, the constitution, obama, climate change,and the end, the end of the forum. you all drink from the same trough, aping the same subjects. all that is needed is monkey noises
    and bananas.


  14. udog101 says:



  15. Tom Boinger says:

    The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. Heritage’s stated mission is to “formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense”
    The foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, whose policies drew significantly from Heritage’s policy study Mandate for Leadership.Heritage has since continued to have a significant influence in U.S. public policy making, and is considered to be one of the most influential conservative research organizations in the United States.


  16. Tom Boinger says:

    The Wall Street Journal says, “No policy shop has more clout than the conservative Heritage Foundation.”
    “Keep up the wonderful work of truth which emanates from Heritage.”
    – John Ashcroft in praise of Heritage
    “Some of the finest conservatives in America today do their work in The Heritage Foundation. For those of you new to all this, The Heritage Foundation is America’s leading conservative think tank.”
    – Rush Limbaugh, November 10, 2000. Read
    The Democratic Policy Committee Annual Report says, “It is hard to overstate the impact The Heritage Foundation has had on the direction of U.S. policy since the late 1970’s.” Read.
    “The Heritage Foundation will continue to be a key element in the phalanx of rightist groups with an agenda of austerity for the poor, hostility to minorities and women, upward distribution of wealth for the rich, economic domination of the Third World, with repression and bloodletting for those who rebel.”
    – Russ Bellant, The Coors Connection, 1991


  17. Tom Boinger says:

    so the heritage foundation( to you who can’t read or comprehend the above two long articles)
    is a very respected and loved republican , right wing policy maker. Even the Rush respects it.
    and Ashcroft loves it for its TRUTH.


  18. Tom Boinger says:

    “All citizens should be required to obtain a basic level of health insurance. Not having health insurance imposes a risk of delaying medical care; it also may impose costs on others, because we as a society provide care to the uninsured. The risk of shifting costs to others has led many states to mandate that all drivers have liability insurance. The same logic applies to health insurance……
    In our scheme, every person would be required to obtain basic coverage, through either an individual or a family insurance plan.”
    from the Heritage Foundation 1992

    and how about this republican hero:
    At the time, Newt Gingrich hailed them:
    “I am for people, individuals — exactly like automobile insurance — individuals having health insurance and being required to have health insurance,” he told “Meet the Press” in 1993.

    How about Romney:
    Some of the Republican senators who once supported versions of the individual mandate railed against Mr. Obama’s plan. Mr. Romney, despite signing a similar plan into law in Massachusetts, has made a pledge to try to “repeal Obamacare” central to his presidential campaign.

    Stuart Butler, a health care expert for the Heritage Foundation, wrote in a 1989 brief titled Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans. “Many others require anybody driving a car to have liability insurance. But neither the federal government nor any state requires all households to protect themselves from the potentially catastrophic costs of a serious accident or illness.” Just as legally mandated insurance makes economic sense for automobiles, it makes sense for health care, as well.


  19. Tom Boinger says:

    I celebrate the SCOTUS confirmation that the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act’s individual mandate (technically called the “minimal care” provision) has been found consitutional. We now have an insurance-based system with real Patient Protections, up to 30 million more people covered, reduced dependence on outrageously expensive emergency room care for the uninsured, coverage for children on their parents policies until they are 26, no more limited lifetime coverage, no more denial of care for pre-existing conditions, shared responsibility for one third of our nation’s economy through pooled competition. Freedom to choose your insurance provider continues, only on a much more level playing field, with real competition. The list goes on. And it was all done by implementing a proposal originally put forward by the conservative Heritage Foundation, and pioneered and implemented by none other than Willard Romney. We are on a path to health care coverage fitting of such a great nation.


  20. Tom Boinger says:

    would the heritage foundation want communism, they pushed for health care, Romney himself the republican candidate for the presidency pushed it through in Mass. To teacuppers communism/socialism is like the race card, when you lose the argument call the other guy a communist. Why you people have a very short attention span and can’t read/spell.


  21. Tom Boinger says:

    and besides every democracy in the world has universal health care, are they communists?
    you are opposing simply to oppose.


  22. Tom Boinger says:

    recently ted nugent called the president of the united states a “mongrel cur” . What do you and JBird have to say about that?


    • jai avi says:

      Government is making sure that illegal aliens, criminals that break our laws every day, have low cost auto insurance, issued by the State (the taxpayers). This is subsidized by your taxes, money meant for education will instead be used to assure law breakers get a break on insurance, when they get their phony drivers licenses, which will be used—you know they will—to allow the illegal aliens to vote—illegally.

      This is why you should never vote for any tax increases or bond measures. If Sacramento has enough money to subsidize auto insurance for illegal aliens, it has enough money for roads and education. They are NOT immigrants—they are illegal aliens. Immigrants come here legally, with permission. –

      So, the message to these lawbreakers is “go ahead and break our laws and we’ll give you freebies”! Isn’t this how a lawless Democrat thinks?


    • President Barack Obama is unable to control a bowling ball, yet believes he controls the planet.

      “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing.”

      – President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013

      They used to keep people like that in rubber rooms, but now they put them in charge of the world’s largest military.


    • jai avi says:

      I wish it was as simple as a “mongrel cur”. It’s unreal you worship a man of this character. AND Obama has nothing to do with your S&P going up. It’s foreign money without anywhere else to go. Obama has hastened our economy into the tank.
      Here is your noble and upstanding leader.


  23. Tom Boinger says:

    i get it , the lousy stinking government is going to give illegals car insurance, so they can
    get an illegal drivers license , and then vote illegally? cuckoo, cuckoo, i watched frontline about the NRA tonight, later i googled sandy hook and the bushmaster gun used. You and hype are a walk in the park compared to a lot of sick people who wrote in the comments section. But you’re in that group, you’re uneducated and you hate. I think i’ll pray more for you two.


    • jai avi says:

      Finally you got something right. “i get it , the lousy stinking government is going to give illegals car insurance, so they can get an illegal drivers license , and then vote illegally?” Illegal criminals are not “immigrants” and should have no rights. But what do they get…..handouts and entitlements at our expense. Why?


  24. Tom Boinger says:

    so JB youre anti obama health care, how do you rationalize the fact that the heritage foundation and republicans pushed mandated health care from 1993 to 2007 and then suddenly said after 2008 that republicans and the heritage maintained that mandated health care was unconstitutional. Can you explain that to me. again they opposed simply to oppose. Don’t forget Romney mandated health care in Mass. Did the constitution change after 2008?


    • the key word is “mandated” meaning forced on or meaning you must do this, Take your fking communism and shove it up your ass. I do not want to force anything on you but your type wants to control all of my freedoms and force all your selfish crap down my throat. Guns will be needed to stop your slavery of the individual some day, and you as one of the slavers, knows that so you want to disarm the slaves. Like you really care about individual lives but you will use kids lives to get your way and to keep us slaves Romney is one of your guys not one of mine. many republicans are in this slavery business with the democrats but that is what you like so for the time being be happy. Soon things will blow up in your face. Through out history your crap has destroyed freedom over and over again and caused many many deaths, yours maybe in the future one of those.


  25. Tom Boinger says:

    Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia
    Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria
    Canada, Cape Verde, Chile, Croatia
    Denmark, Dominican Republic
    El Salvador, Estonia
    Finland, France
    Germany, Ghana, Greece
    Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy
    Latvia, Lithuania
    Malta, Mauritius, Mongolia, Montenegro
    Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
    Palau, Peru, Portugal
    Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and Grenadines, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia,
    Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden
    Taiwan, Tonga

    all DEMOCRACIES with universal health care. all but the US .


  26. Tom Boinger says:

    “President Barack Obama is unable to control a bowling ball, yet believes he controls the planet.”

    You posted that. Are you nuts? Joe Dimaggio could not knit , does that mean he could not hit a baseball? the cold must deplete your thinking process.


  27. Tom Boinger says:

    “Through out history your crap has destroyed freedom over and over again and caused many many deaths, yours maybe in the future one of those.”

    give me some examples?


  28. Tom Boinger says:

    The Constitution gives Congress the power to tax and spend money for the general welfare. This tax [PPACA] promotes the general welfare because it makes health care more widely available and affordable. Under existing law, therefore, the tax is clearly constitutional…

    Many important and popular government programs are based [on] Congress’s ability to give incentives through taxation and redistribute tax revenues for public purposes. To strike down the individual mandate the Supreme Court would have to undermine many years of precedents justifying these programs that stretch back to the New Deal (and in the case of the rules for direct taxes, to the very founding of the country).

    Opponents of the individual mandate insist that they are only defending individual freedom, but they are actually taking a far more radical position. They are really claiming that it is unconstitutional to make Americans pay taxes.”



  29. Tom Boinger says:

    that TESLA what a contributor to the forum, what an asset, how helpful, how informative,
    how timely , you won’t catch him berating RW , linking to felons, stealing usernames, posting extreme politics, just a stock man. what a guy!


    • jai avi says:

      You need to be banned from here like Gar banned you in his forum. But…noooooo….Hyperion believes in freedom of speech and lets you rant your useless
      drivel on his blog. Do you show any appreciation for his allowing you to be here? HA all you can offer is abuse. Be grateful that Hyper is a Consitiutionalist and allows you the freedom to post here. Show your gratitude.


  30. Tom Boinger says:

    “They used to keep people like that in rubber rooms, but now they put them in charge of the world’s largest military.”
    a quote from the angry hype!

    on who’s watch ,did they get bin laden?

    any new wars , hype?


  31. Tom Boinger says:

    Note the use of the foul mouth posts by hype, a typical teacup reaction to overwhelming logic.
    “Take your fking communism and shove it up your ass” a quote from hyper , are you related to McCarthy?


  32. Tom Boinger says:

    “Guns will be needed to stop your slavery of the individual some day, and you as one of the slavers, knows that so you want to disarm the slaves. Like you really care about individual lives but you will use kids lives to get your way and to keep us slaves Romney is one of your guys not one of mine. many republicans are in this slavery business”

    another wonderful Hyperion quote

    Did your beloved FOUNDERS keep slaves? Do you want me to name them?


  33. Tom Boinger says:

    i spell well, how about you? i can write a sentence. frame a paragraph, how about you? and i don’t have to curse to make a point. how about you?


  34. Tom Boinger says:

    i have to be able to understand you to communicate with you, who knows i might agree with you IF i can understand you. you might as well be a monkey….and JB, hype likes Sungen better , nah , nah . Hype and Sungen sitting in a tree…..


  35. Tom Boinger says:

    “Another lib tactic….when progressive liberals have nothing valuable to say, they resort to criticizing spelling and sentence structure rather than addressing the topic at hand.”
    says Birddroppings.

    there is a simple solution to this Birddroppings, go back, get your GED, and then post in English.
    I then will have nothing to criticize.


    • jai avi says:

      You are continuing to make unfounded assumptions and criticisms based on your imagination. We need to talk. Can you private message me? Or give me your email?
      Seriously, you have NO idea how WAY off base your comments are. In the real world, you could be sued.


  36. Tom Boinger says:

    JB is concerned with illegal aliens.
    how best to test an illegal alien? would an illegal have an ID , no. I got it , we will test
    alleged illegals with a literacy test. We will use the beloved( teacuppers always reference them so they must be the norm) FOUNDERS English as a base. English as it should be spoken.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    then this guy, would you allow this guy in the country?

    “As a friend said to me who grew up in Egypt “soon there will be no place to run too” ”

    “lmao @ love , marriage has nothing to do with love, it is pretty much a business contract to be faithful to your partner. and is nothing in the constitution about any type of marriage , it was basicly a religious thing .”

    “Wow you are bitter with hate and with most haters bet you hate yourself more than anyone else.”

    ” President Barack Obama is unable to control a bowling ball, yet believes he controls the planet.”

    that’s not the way English was used by the FOUNDERS, he must be an ILLEGAL. Ho La


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