Judges are Free to Take Your Liberty For Anything – Didn’t Cut your Lawn – Jail Time!

We must stop voting for socialist , who think we  are the propertyn of the state instead of being free individuals.

It is just amazing how there is no respect for human rights and the sanctity of LIBERTY in the United States any more. There just has to be a serious overhaul of the rule of law in the USA for there are more people in prison in the USA than Europe, China, and Russia COMBINED. In Tennessee, a woman had to spend the night in jail because she had not mowed her lawn. A court had sentenced her to the prison because her garden had not been maintained in accordance with the rules of Lenoir City. In the USA, far too many judges are out of control and have become ruthless self-absorbed ego-maniacs who send citizens to jail for minor offenses that are not crimes in the least violating your Civil Rights, which is in itself a federal crime.

rest of the story is here.   http://armstrongeconomics.com/2014/11/04/judges-are-free-to-take-your-liberty-for-anything-didnt-cut-your-lawn-jail-time/

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