Lawyers too often think things can be fixed with just writting a law.

They never look at the other side of the equation. For example this minimum wage petition that is going around. What does it really do and who really pays for it? these are questions that need to be answered before you think it is a good idea. Lawyers create most laws in order to take money from one person  just to give some of it to another. Is this in the long run helping anyone but the lawyer? Maybe this is why lawyers are very bad at economics and have no understanding of free enterprise. Everything must be forced through a law and the law must control how and what you spend. a bad lawyer billboard 9 Stupid lawyers. Billboards. (18 photos)

Now we have the IMF  and a lawyer  helping appoint a lawyer to run the IMF  get real. This is like a color blind person describing a Maltese  to a  colorist.  Here is an article by Martian Armstrong which fills in the reality.

At the meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, we began to see for the first time some blow-back against Obama’s hand-picket lawyer masquerading as the world leading of international finance. There were significant rifts between supporters and opponents of new state investment programs that LaGarde and Obama are trying to pull off taking pensions and squandering them on infrastructure that only produces temporary jobs anyway.

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