Trading sub pennies.

JB sent this to me do not know if true but worth looking at.


If you look at the charts back when the highest PPs in march was low volume when this was in .04-.06 territory. The recent volume was not as high as these last few months showing numerous high volume days since then, only for this to be heavily diluted to the current pps we are at today. If you watch the level2 on this every time good news is announced VFIN sits on the ask with huge bid orders to fill, know your MMs.

Once you learn how to use L2 dilution is very easy to spot. Always pay attention to who is on the ask. If it is just NITE or UBSS then most likely you won’t see any manipulation. If you see VFIN, VERT or cosmetic MM’s, know that they are the #1 diluters in the market. Cosmetic MM’s are special MM’s used by the company to help hide dilution from less learned traders. Sometimes it’s easier to use them then the well known one’s like VERT. If you are watching L2 and one of the diluters are there you will see massive volume on the ask but it will not UT on your stock, it’s because they have a certain amount of shares to sell and will not move until they are gone.

You might think it’s all buys but they are masked due to selling on the ask since they will come up green instead of red. Another thing here also is you can have millions bought on the ask and then it down ticks, posters will say MM manipulation but what is going on is it down ticked because the OS has gotten bigger due to VFIN and others selling shares on the ask.


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One Response to Trading sub pennies.

  1. This is an approach to trading sub penny stocks that could very well give you an edge. A technique that wouldn’t cross an beginning trader’s mind.


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