YINN on how I use half lines and a few CIT’S


I tried trendlines on this but this stock seems very erratic so I did not  show any. This is rare for a stock but much more common for currencies. I have shown how I draw my 1/2 lines in and as you can see, only one worked very well. Another reason I would say this stock does not track well. But as far as the change in trends, they seem to fit quite well. The 20th of June keeps coming up  for me over and over again on different stocks. Makes me wonder if something big will happen then? the  yellow  CIT  might be a non event.  Because YINN  just went through a cit I must assume the next direction is down though I find it interesting that both stochastics  are making newer highs makes this stock look like in long run to have staying power . Well   we just  watch the  CIT’S  and see what happens.


Comments welcome.


About ketchemandfleezem

I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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