How I traded LTM Friday.

ImageI entered just above the first green arrow after it broke the down channel put my stop @ 45.50. Kept it overnight.  I stupidly existed on the second green arrow because I drew the red trend-line  incorrectly. Alway find the channel and I did not. In this case bottom line first should have been drawn with parallel line on top. The right exit here was the 3rd. green arrow  volume  died down and the trendline  said it was right. The middle trend-line on the right is also parallel . I used it to go short on the stock and held the position because it went below the primary trend-line.  Please post comments  or questions.

About ketchemandfleezem

I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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2 Responses to How I traded LTM Friday.

  1. luckylucktrader says:

    how about stochastic 21 crossed down or up ,Do you use it when consider to get in or out of trade. can sometimes probablyhelp.


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