The one and only Paul Harvey (from freedom to chains)

I started listening to him every noon from age 5 on, I miss him dearly. And it is uncanny on how right he was in how he saw the direction the USA was taking.


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15 Responses to The one and only Paul Harvey (from freedom to chains)

  1. jaybird says:

    My hero Paul Harvey. What a wonderful find. So chillingly appropriate for the current situation in America. Thanks Hyper. Excellent!!


  2. gingerbread says:

    brilliant , two newbies feeling their way around the board, deciding whether to buy SV or not, the always on the ball Jaybird links Paul Harvey, just what they want to see. hey Jaybird , prove you can use the software, give em a winner.


  3. gingerbread says:

    hey hype is that you driving the old packard, nice hat! hell, you are old. i heard there was peach pudding at the home tonight. Paul Harvey was gay, him and Hoover were an item.


    • jaybird says:

      Since you are a 65 year old senior….perhaps getting dementia? I’m surprised you trash others that are younger than you. Very strange. But if you are pre-alzheimers, I’ll cut you more slack.


  4. well he gave you a very good history lesson , but bet your not capable of understanding it. His points 50 years ago have proven quite true.


  5. gingerbread says:

    wonderful hype , you dont like taxes, so hype how do you pay for the teacuppers love war, how do you pay for it. how , how ? bake sales at the old folks home? you and the bird
    could hit the streets, beg car to car. Jeff could sell his stock picks, it’s very easy. and you could become a typist and proof reader. That’s right , you have profiling skills, you were watching the traitor for SIGNS of lies, the FBI could use you. And the bird could pan for gold, or use her genius at penny stocks. problem solved, no more taxes.


    • Actually except for the bushes, it has always been the democrats that have gotten us into war. I do not like a military that are cops of the world. It helped destroy Rome and if we do not stop it it will kill us. Both democrat and republican politicians are war mongers. I have no idea what your problem is? But it is not my job to fix your problem!!
      Why do you want income tax? Is it that you want to see the country crash and burn?


  6. gingerbread says:

    you loonies starting to worry about what youv’e posted in chat, just shows you how your thinking is wacky.maybe , I’m just well above you. on one hand , you post how extensive government snooping is, then you loonies, post all kind of anti government.anti obama writings.are you goofy? sungen posts gar ought to delete the chat archives because there is personal stuff there. You mean wacky stuff, don’t you. Starting to worry huh, maybe you are starting to believe your own right wing nonsense. they are watching you. just put on an aluminum hat.


  7. gingerbread says:

    the point is learned one, how will you pay for war, we have been at war since the early 1900’s, the income tax pays for that. no matter who has started it , war and the military still exists. no matter what your view of our responsibilty around the world, none cares what your theory is, you can’t spell or frame a thought. look at your post above, it’s the ranting of a drunk or a dullard.

    Rome , hell , they had a god for pissing for heavens sake. Old news, very easy to say history
    repeats, hogwash. you love that roman crap, huh. ramblings of an old man.


  8. gingerbread says:



  9. gingerbread says:

    hype: you tried to screw the forum up today huh, playing jackiesbitch , what jealous of ronnie, only you would pick that name. all the bad spelling and bad grammar screams Hyperion. you are a joke. cant the big time republican get a spellchecker.


  10. gingerbread says:

    and you accused sleepy of buying another account, i just emailed gar asking him to investigate the postings from Jackiesbitch, those postings share the same bad grammar and bad spelling
    that senor hype is great at. you two would deprive the forum of ronnies posts for some nursing home dementia. i have some members emails, next time this happens , i will call for a mass email to gar. i’ll bet he can look at the forum and tell who stole and used the jackiebitch username.


  11. yup you caught me lol.


  12. i suggest “gingerbread” be put in
    ‘time out” for at least two weeks. His ranting is very ill conceived………..He needs to address the differences in a more kind manner…………..Keep in mind ‘gingerbread” that many of our posters – in chat are now in TIME OUT. and their offenses were much smaller than yours….think about it… are floating only on GRACE……..Grace from Dr. Hyperion……


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