Updated graph on Next DJ-30 Change in Trend


My other  CIT’S have been a day early this on could be the 2nd or the 3rd. This cit actually  should have been posted for the second and I think the 3rd is  a better possibility after doing some more computations.



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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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30 Responses to Updated graph on Next DJ-30 Change in Trend

  1. gingerbread says:

    i see Jeff calling Sleepy a stupid idiot but i don’t see anyone calling Jeff a name


  2. jaybird says:

    Mental issues, as Jeff stated, are a whole different ballgame than stupid idiot…


  3. gingerbread says:

    i see Hyper was watching snowden for signs of lies, you mean like YIELD , ONE WAY, and STOP. how do you know snowden isnt a triple agent; hype , of the super intellect , has probably trained a few. Don’t forget boys and girls, JB and Hype consider it great fun to steal usernames.
    so it might be Jaybird calling Jeff names. Hype loves to be Jackie. sort of transgendering on the forum. Have you started hiring kids to weld yet , Hype. Schools are too big, and the government
    force feeds us carrots. if you censor one more of my posts, I’m gone. I don’t need you nitwits, you need me.


  4. jaybird says:

    Sleepy is a sicko making groundless and untruthful accusations about name changing. That has NEVER happened….true story.


  5. gingerbread says:

    “TRUE STORY”‘ did she say, Andrew got tired shooting down your teacup links, either you are very ditzy or a habitual liar? For your Christian sake, i hope you’re just a plain ditz.


  6. gingerbread says:

    the problem here exists because you two have the intelligence of fly poop, you can’t read,spell, or frame a thought. you two are really monkeys , but at least monkeys do not have the capacity to lie.


  7. gingerbread says:

    hype: you tried to screw the forum up today huh, playing jackiesbitch , what jealous of ronnie, only you would pick that name. all the bad spelling and bad grammar screams Hyperion. you are a joke. cant the big time republican get a spellchecker. next time you do that , i will get a mass email to gar asking him to find out who posted that crap on the forum, easy for him to do.I might be barrred but lid, bush, ronnie, rw are not.


  8. gingerbread says:

    and you accused sleepy of buying another account, i just emailed gar asking him to investigate the postings from Jackiesbitch, those postings share the same bad grammar and bad spelling
    that senor hype is great at. you two would deprive the forum of ronnies posts for some nursing home dementia. i have some members emails, next time this happens , i will call for a mass email to gar. i’ll bet he can look at the forum and tell who stole and used the jackiebitch username.


    • jaybird says:

      A 65 year old should have more sense than to bother Gar when he’s struggling to finalize a major revamp of his software. I’m beginning to believe you’re the one in a nursing home with dementia….in which case your obsessiveness would be easier to excuse.


    • rex says:

      Mr. Gingerbread: I read these distasteful remarks and whince. Grown people, educated subjects should not lower themselves to using this kind of language… My prayers start now… for a loving analysis of thoughts – and I know Mr. Hyper- I think he is a good man.


      • jaybird says:

        There is no doubt Hyper is a good solid thinking man of great intelligence and abilities. I’ve known him since 2009…..5 years now. And longer for rex. I’m sorry the likes of gingerbread brings down the quality of this forum.


  9. rex says:

    I have had messages from someone using the name “minehahaha” today…..DO not know whom it is…. Surely there are no ass holes here that would impersonate someone?


  10. rex says:

    Jaybird stands on a solid rock looking for peace and harmony and all the good things we should share…….


  11. jaybird says:

    Thanks rw…rex. There are many who would agree with you.


  12. gingerbread says:

    that man sure can pick em and in real time to boot!


  13. gingerbread says:

    hey i see the learned one can mispell in spanish !


  14. gingerbread says:

    you must be related JB, rumor has that,l i didnt believe now i do, boy did you gush over that ten year old NEWS button, Oh News is here, gush, gush, gush, meanwhile it has been there forever, some TRADER you are, is there a button for those that can’t afford to play the market. it’s labeled DUMB POOR REPUBLICAN.


  15. jaybird says:

    I don’t speak or understand gibberish. Time for an attitude adjustment and some education. Or just alot of pity.


  16. rex says:

    I would think that “gingerbread” would look for peace and harmony in life. You have some very good examples here – pry into how they think and live. Examine self to see if you can detect flaws. We all have them – wisdom is finding them – then dealing with them. Lashing out is momentairy victory that ends at out. Have a good evening Mr. Ginger: I wish you peace, happiness and may you be convicted to find that inner voice that calls some of us. Pray that you are called, then set apart for the victory that passes all understanding.


  17. jaybird says:

    Listen up gingerbread. Rex know of what he speaks. “If ya ain’t got Jesus then ya ain’t got nuttin, buddy!”


  18. gingerbread says:

    i am a genius at pattern recognition, that’s not rw, probably the hype again, rw would not use the word “asshole”. stealing another id again, i see, typical republican chicanery. you two love to steal. you remind me of the upper level republican thieves. “I’m taking your SS, but i’m increasing my farm subsidy” you sacrifice , i get richer.


  19. jaybird says:

    How wrong your warped mind is. Genius…HA Joke of the day. Get over yourself.


  20. gingerbread says:

    I’m serious compared to you two ,i’m albert einstein, i know what the problem is: most people on the board can’t read, a perfect example is the attack on ronnie, the username, the source of the idiotic posts, was JackiesBitch. after that attack post, over and over there were posters using the name Jackie , Rw even called for a block on the name Jackie, three of four different posters did not read the name correctly. they were blaming Jackie not JackiesBitch. a simple read was not made. i see this happening over and over on this board. Jeff is extremely sensitive over some perceived slight when none is made. Hype can’t spell or frame a proper sentence, yet he maintains he is well read. If you can’t spell, you can’t understand the written word.there are also
    misconceptions here because of different cultures and languages, there’s UDOG, what is he,
    is Ronnie German, i often have difficulty reading Sungen, is it language, or does she cut things short using internet lingo. i imagine reading comprehension as you age gets worse, i often find that people who are great at technical things have a hard time reading.


    • jaybird says:

      HA HA HA Looks who’s writing about not reading. If YOU were reading correctly or at all, you’d know about UDOG because he’s posted his facebook page more than once. You’d know Ronnie isn’t German…..most than once he’s posted where he’s from. And you’d know sungen’s origins. It’s YOU who isn’t comprehending what’s posted in the forum. Yeah…mental issues and age have you in their grasp.


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