Snowden on how incompetent a government can be

We right now are seeing how incompetent the VA Administration is. 170,000 people over seeing it. A good example of a top heavy group that has been this way for many years. (and we actually want single payer system) USPS is another good example. All we do to fix these problems is write new laws and just throw more money at them. How dumb can we be? Education has become much more nationalized over the last 50 years and has gone way down hill since then. Go figure.
Snowden makes a very good point that on every time our lawmaker go to fix something we loose another freedom. It is like we are the bad guys and too dumb to run our own lives and it just makes things worse and thus another law must be written. Management and the employes are never the blame. To lawmakers it is always the process. Oh they do find scapegoats to protect the president but take the VA for example, no matter who was in-charge the lawmakers tie his hands on how much he/she can do. This is the same reason  why 911 happened!

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6 Responses to Snowden on how incompetent a government can be

  1. jaybird says:

    Government is a vicious cycle of freedom robbing laws….inept, incompetent, rape the taxpayer laws. Most of the destructive gov. agencies would be better run through private enterprise competition with 110% more efficiency. Most of gov. is not for the people but to control people.


  2. jaybird says:

    It sounds like Snowden really cares about the safety of Americans. He did the country a great service by revealing how extensively our personal privacy is being compromised. It seems gov. allowed terrorism is simply another avenue to take away our rights. I had a first hand sample of violation when taken to the “back room” by TSA.


  3. justsaying says:

    government responds to us, take your car on the nearest 65 mph highway, and this is policed, watch ” the ineptness, incompetence, rape of taxpayer laws” , and this is only the nearest highway. Driving is a microcosm of our country. Police , government respond to us. Behave well , no need for police, don’t pollute , no need for EPA, pay your taxes, no need for IRS, don’t bomb planes , no need for TSA. don’t war , no income tax. and on and on, and saying government allowed terrorism is just plain sick, you better get your lead levels checked, JB. You would think if you were so concerned with snooping, you JB would be top on the list, some of the racial cartons and insults to the first lady would put you number one on the list. as a matter of fact someone might report you to the secret service if the president visits your area. you have an obsession with the president. Your obsession is enduring and plentiful , if there is snooping, the knock at the door may come. you also like guns. better tell gar to get rid of the chat archives.


  4. jaybird says:

    I don’t recall any racial “cartons”.


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