Next DJ-30 Change in Trend


BTW the darker vertical lines are the ones i  calculated before. The next CIT looks like it could be  either the 30th of May or the 2nd of June. Click on graph to enlarge.

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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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34 Responses to Next DJ-30 Change in Trend

  1. SV Jeff$ says: Weekly options income.HUGE!!same 6


  2. X-sv jeff$ says: Fabulous cash and prizes.same 6


  3. truedat says:

    hey jeff try PREDICTING rather than after the fact !


  4. X-sv jeff$ says:

    @truedatamature..still jealous and ignorant on the most basic of skills after all this time.100’s of real time trades on the forum over the years..where were you&your trades?..oh yes i recall..when you weren’t busy trying to instigate trouble..the skills you displayed were less than amateur..even with your new found god..Obama..or should i say..ALLAH!!!!


  5. X-sv jeff$ says:

    @truedatamateur.BTW Same six charts(symbols)refers to the same six posted trade charts..not same sex..i would hate leave you more excited&confused than you already are.


  6. truedat says:

    Karen, what ever happened to the FOUNDERS concept of freedom to worship, oh i get it ,teacuppers allow only christians to worship, do you see how UNCONSTITUTIONAL that is, you republicans only believe freedom is for you, same as ENTITLEMENTS , take away my social security but enhance your farm subsidies.and corporate welfare. nothing dumber than a poor republican. and ill bet everyone here runs to the mailbox to get their entitlement. dumb republicans


  7. truedat says:

    jeff you redboard, try picking a stock before the market opens. How easy this i quote you, sure it’s easy picking after the market closes, any idiot can list a stock that gained that day, think youre good , prove it. PREDICT, let’s see how easy it is!


  8. truedat says:

    and mister hype of the freedom lovers, youre censoring my name, adding rw s name to get him hot is a low blow. you and the other monkeys always did like piling on, weak people like you and jaybird consort because of weakness.


  9. truedat says:

    wacked out jaybird, leave it some right winger to find another right winger’s intrepretation of the koran. you are sick. really sick. you need help,


  10. truedat says:

    more than once she says this means this, i aint buying some dumb broad’s intrepretation of the koran, even our own bible is open to many different intrepretations, the old testament was written thousands of years ago, the message is of import not the details, look up the laws of orthodox jews, you’ll see what we might consider ridiculous are of import to jews, our old testament. again when you can’t find anything wrong with the presidency , you republicans start on things that can’t be proven. Hows that born an alien thing working out? jaybird , if you believe in God, someday
    you will have to account for your lies , i imagine ridiculing another’s religion will be high on his pissed off list. you don’t have that right. you have posted 100’s of lies on the forum. i hope a republican gets elected next time, perhaps you will just shut up.


    • jaybird says:

      Did you know that if you have a good muslim friend for years and he’s given the “word” or jihad ….he would kill you? An honest muslim will tell you that. If you’re calling religion a good thing…this one doesn’t qualify unless it’s a satanic one. How can beheading be part of a good religion? As for the rest of your post, it’s true to form liberal lies and exaggerations. I assume you are a liberal based on this. Saying I’m a republican is pure assumption on your part.


  11. truedat says:

    how many different versions of christianity are there in our country, who’s right jaybird, religion is complicated and intrepreting another’s bible is left to experts not some broad’s intrepretation on youtube, do you eat pig, jaybird. do you have a dog. both laws in another’s testaments.


  12. truedat says:

    your obsession with the president is not worth my time, i wont return . you trully should see a doctor. i have you and hype blocked so save your time. you two need professional help.


  13. X-sv jeff$ says: @trudatamateur..Once again failure to communicate with a liberal and the most basic trade skills on the same six only charts and weekly options for income..Not predicting before..reacting to..same six everyday charts..sorry you never got that concept..still confused? I can hold your hand&show you the abc’s..I’ve worked with a few”complete idiots” before..and i’m sure i can dumb it down for you as a favor..P.S proved it in real-time many times>where were you?


  14. X-sv jeff$ says:

    Thanks hyper and jb..yes having fun$$


  15. loveyourmomma says:

    here’s a typical teacupp trick, a picture of m obama waving two small red flags leading a chinese exercise troupe, yet there were mass emails by teacuppers saying look at m obama waving the chinese flag. sick, stupid, and out of context.


  16. loveyourmomma says:

    yo jeff if it is so easy , pick the damn stocks real time, so easy to gloat when the day is over, you twit.


  17. loveyourmomma says:

    dont tease the monkeys


  18. peakingin says:

    another massacre, how many more will there be, nothing will ever change when nothing was
    done after sandy hook, kids massacred , australia, canada, england did something, but the right wingers here fear for the future , some guess, some deadly hypothesis , and the massacres continue. and sicks like JB say they are staged. need 40 shots to fell a deer huh? sick .


  19. rex webster says:

    someone mentioned different type of religions: Yes – many types of religions – Man made all these types of religions… it is man’s way……The bible speaks of GOD and Jesus::::::;fact is that if you are not called by the holy sprit you cannot believe anyway…Obviously you were not called….. Man can not believe unless he is called by GOD befofre the foundations of the world were ever framed……………


  20. rex webster says:

    One more thing —-I do think senior citizens need to get health conscious. There are forces working now that will bring laws that will allow those on medicare to only receive dr appointments and medication only if they meet strict standards re: height and weight requirements and bmi measurements………..the further you are away from the standard the longer you will wait for your dr appt and medication….so get with it folks…


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