If sea level rose 50 feet, there wouldn’t be very many Democrats left

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16 Responses to If sea level rose 50 feet, there wouldn’t be very many Democrats left

  1. Climate scientists are much smarter now, and know that the Sun does not actually influence the climate as it did in the past.


  2. jaybird says:

    Interesting …… I was recently told that the people with good conservative limited government values live in Eastern Oregon. The Willamette Valley, where I live, is the most progressive liberal place to be….also the coast. Ironic that the government control and entitlement lovers are the most likely to be drowned. Rather biblical, isn’t it?
    It’s time to get out of here as it’s becoming way too similar to California. The map bears this out


  3. scooboo says:

    biblical , anything but, sorta demonic , you would wish water on someone that disagrees with you politically? youre a good christian? its how you teacuppers think, laugh at the hurt of others. dont forget infants dont vote! always a streak of cruelty in teacuppers, could be racial prejudice! low self esteem and the fact that obama is black just irritates the hell out of people. Me , i just look at the weekly chart of SPY and love the guy. Up , Up and away , just like Superman . How could a socialist make that pretty capitalist chart go at a wonderful angle.Up , up and away.


    • lmao I never even think in racial terms, I take each person as an individual and do not group people together by race or gender or wealth, but your the one who brought up racism , maybe you as your pointing at me have 3 fingers pointing back at you. And color has nothing to do with a politician but how power hungry and vindictive he is and how well they lie. Take Tom Wolf for example , what a weasel.


  4. LOL sleepy has such a fun chain to yank. Thanks ketchem. :-)))))


  5. progressive says:

    when you teacuppers get caught being cruel and mind dead, the reply is oh it was a joke.


  6. gingerbread says:

    did the guy that killed binladen tell you that, your generalizations have no basis in fact, oh and all people who eat soup use forks.


  7. who said anyone killed him?


  8. During the past week, the Michigan ice pack has largely collapsed – just as the climate models predicted.

    “It was all thin rotten first year ice, not like the mile thick multi-year ice we used to have 20,000 years ago.”


  9. Only a bitter clinger young earth creationist planet hating flat earthier would fail to understand how excess heat causes cold. The President says so. Period.


  10. Climate scientist John Cook of the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute published the study showing that there was virtually no debate over man-made climate change.

    But Cook’s 97 percent consensus claim was rebutted in subsequent analyses of his study. A paper by five leading climatologists published in the journal Science and Education last year found that Cook’s study misrepresented the views of most consensus scientists.

    The definition Cook used to get his consensus was weak, the climatologists said. Only 41 out of the 11,944 published climate studies examined by Cook explicitly stated that mankind caused most of the warming since 1950 — meaning the actual consensus is 0.3 percent.

    Climate skeptic blogger Brandon Schollenberger has a copy of the study, but the university has threatened to take legal action. “The school says it wants to protect the privacy of those surveyed in Cook’s research,”


  11. fedupwithit says:

    time to tease the monkeys!!! lol


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