INCC to Focus Business on Medical Marijuana Market

May 05, 2014 (ACCESSWIRE via COMTEX) — Sarasota, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2014 / INCC today reported that by written consent of a majority of shareholders the company will focus efforts on consolidating and growing acquisitions in the medical marijuana market; change the name of the public company to Medical Cannabis Holdings, Inc.; and will be working with retained outside securities counsel to improve the company’s reporting status on the OTC Market.

Tthe rest of the story below


Could it do what FITX did or even better?



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8 Responses to INCC to Focus Business on Medical Marijuana Market

  1. gingerbread says: This guy knows pennystocks, read and learn.


  2. gingerbread says:

    typically republican, you censored my name, you rail on and on about big government and freedoms, yet when you get the opportunity YOU censor, practice what you preach.


  3. gingerbread says:

    censoring me huh ,ill have to tell the board what a hypocrite you are, mr freedom and rights cant stand some competition


  4. gingerbread says:

    so censoring is “keeping me honest” sounds hitlerlike . if people like and jb ever get in charge , im going to fiji, you people are demented.


  5. postingman says:

    RE: INCC its always easy to redboard a stock , hell i had UTRM for $1000,post when you buy not at the end of day, i wouldnt trust you with a dead racoon.


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