we need to help Brad, He is stuck with common core

hi I am brad, im ten years old, i think school is unconstituional, im forced to ride the bus at 8am, im forced to be on time for school at 830, when there im forced to be quiet, im forced to ask permission to even go to the bathroom,im forced to eat lunch at 1130, im forced to do gym at 130, im forced to do math when i know i will be a history major, im forced to change classrooms when the bell rings, im forced to go to school , monday to friday. my whole day, forced, forced ,and more forced, help SCOTUS as you can see i wish i could learn grammer better , please let me be home shooled


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14 Responses to we need to help Brad, He is stuck with common core

  1. dreginguppastpostshuh? says:

    it’s all unconstitutional, what would the founders say : i drink bottled water and shower at the club, yet a water bill, i dont have kids , yet pay school taxes, i dont drive yet pay for roads, i dont intend to have a fire , yet i pay for the fire department, i have a security guard but pay taxes for police, im a pacifist but pay for the damn iraq and afgan wars, i stay in so dont intend to catch diseases why the cdc, i dont eat out at restaurants, yet there is a health rating system i pay for,
    why, why, why, must be socialism !


  2. forthekids says:

    if it was up to you , you would have kid welders, of course the union was behind the
    fair labor act. quote ;The National Child Labor Committee’s work to end child labor was combined with efforts to provide free, compulsory education for all children, and culminated in the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, which set federal standards for child labor.
    of course people like you were anti kids attending public school, but when the government forced industry to stop using kids for cheap labors, those kids went to school.


  3. formiceandmen says:

    hey hype where is kaufmanns clock?


  4. jamaicanborn says:

    if you owned a restaurant, and say the KKK or the arian nation, any extreme minority,
    started hanging outside, what would that action do to your business,and would you call the police to move them , or would you take the hit in business: this is what your discussions on the forum accomplish,most forums, pay that is, have a moderator who limits discussions
    to stocks, you get warned once, then dismissed, there is no place for extremism. of course, on this forum the owner must agree with these discussions because he puts up with the extremism. whether liberal or right wing, political discussions can not be good for business, since the discussions can only please a minority, and turn the majority away from buying.the forum is the proof of whether the software works or not. is anyone making money ? thank God for Ronnie.


    • First of all non of the stuff I talk about is extreme and second it is all related to the economy. What is extreme is when lawyers think they can write law without considering how it effects the economy. I would not care what group hung outside on public property as long as they were not physically harassing people. Crowds make a place look busy so it must be the place to be but yes would not like kkk there because i find democrats to be racist bigots. but i still hold by the first amendment and as long as they were not hurting anyone it be their right. I am not any wing of any party , I looks for the reality in the facts and go from there and yes my mind can be changed with enough proof that i am looking at the facts wrong .


    • If sleepy weren’t banned, he’d be polluting the forum worse than a serious discussion about the Common Core disaster.


  5. gingerbread says:

    jb youre a ditz and an old one to boot. youre probably the reason andrew left , he got tired of refuting your right wing lies. i got a thousand if you can go to any of your posts about politics and prove it true, you teacuppers go to some central site and get indoctrinated. maybe youre commies, ill have to put the NSA on to this site. they could be watching and taking names.
    maybe the DNC would be interested , they should get equal time.


    • can’t watch the video can you, your all talk and no walk. For your info the video is bipartisan. Was our governor who let common core happen in Pa. Bet you do not know his name without looking it up.


  6. gingerbread says:

    jb you sure can gush, if you ever attend a republican convention , you better wear protection.
    ill bet you were hell of a tease when you were young.


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