DDD 3d systems hit CIT



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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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115 Responses to DDD 3d systems hit CIT

  1. progressive says:

    there is no communicating with you , you don’t reference what you are talking about, lazy republican , and when you do post , it’s gibberish. I’m university trained, jesuit trained to be exact.
    so youll have to come up to my level. take your time and post with reverence for the english language, that should be in the constitution.


    • I’ve had enough of your abuse of Hyper. He happens to have a mensa IQ, is extremely well read, highly intelligent but has nerve impinged fingers. So knock it off. He’s also being kind to you by giving you a place to vent. Be grateful. An apology is due from you.


  2. progressive says:

    Hype: sungen thinks you have guts , what you do is redboard, why dont you try to make picks before it rises 100%, i dare you !


  3. progressive says:

    http://traderbigt.blogspot.com/ this guy will teach you something, Sykes disciple.


  4. progressive says:

    it’s 1102 am , a new trial is posting on the forum, he is deciding between finwiz and SV, torn like a tree in a thunderstorm, how can i make my millions: SV or finwiz, thousands of dollars at stake, for gar that is, who knows maybe for the existence of SV( without a lot of new users how will Gar pay the bills(so he says), sungen and others for hours have tried to aid him in the newbie’s quest for a scan, on comes JB with her hare brained right wing conspiracy theories (planted on the internet by the republican party, the same guy who saw Binladen dead in 2001 with kidney failure told me this is true), she launches into her patented tirade, radiation is bad for bull testicles, walmarts are really internment camps, fema is stockpiling caskets, aborigines in canada want to secede,
    the new lightbulbs are anti semitic, guns are slowly rusting away due to solar and wind energy,
    the obamas are from Mars , and the pope is a neonazi. HOW long do you think this new trail will stay? the future is in your hands, SV or stupidity ?


  5. progressive says:

    and hype you dont watch a posting, you watch a sunset, you read a posting what’s for dinner at the home tonight?


  6. progressive says:


    hey JB , you and your three sisters showed up for the American Spring Fizzle!


  7. progressive says:

    JB , what happened to the 30 million, i know there were reruns of Hee Haw on!


  8. rambling rose rambling rose , my you ramble but where. no one knows , full of barbs that prick everyone and now you are off rambling done.


  9. progressive says:

    hey Jb i heard you overthrew a hotdog stand !


  10. gingerbread says:

    as evidenced by the American Spring March ( low numbers of attendees) , you people are the EXTREME, every time you post your drivel on the forum, it is a present and future blow to the forum! Stick to stocks !


  11. fedupwithit says:

    hey JB washington was totally spotless this weekend, WHY , noone showed up for the Great American Spring Fizzle, 30 million attended , ANTS that is


  12. fedupwithit says:

    constitutionalist is just a republican buzzword, you probably had to get your ged to spell it. if i had a lot of money and time, id love to source teacupper sites, bet you dime to dollar, you poor people( pennystockers) are being manipulated . wait till they take your check away ,JB, youll be begging in oregon,.and theyll be collecting their farm subsidies.


    • It’s time to find something more substantial to criticize than spelling. I was better than Jesuit educated and scored in the 99th percentile in spelling and grammar in the college aptitude test. So get over yourself. I realize liberals like to “think” they’re educated but it’s usually a bluff.


  13. fedupwithit says:

    hey hype jaybird says you believe in freedom of speech, for who you:, you teacuppers have a very selective form of freedom of speech, it’s alright for me and mine, but your speech is limited huh, hell you censor my friends posts and names, same as your freedom of worship, as long as it’s christian, that’s fine, not too long ago , you teacuppers abhorred catholics. and sungen, jaybird has made some anti semitic remarks, keep that in mind.


  14. everyone has their opinion I let you have yours even though I believe you are a racist sleepy.


  15. fedupwithit says:

    there were no spelling and grammar tests , that was assumed , and they were called SAT tests.


  16. fedupwithit says:

    and i’ll attack anything that bothers you as long as you sully the forum with teacupper crap.


  17. fedupwithit says:

    Hey hype, who posted the racist picture of the president? if youre looking for a racist, throw a stone at JB, she can’t stand the fact that a black guy is in charge.


  18. fedupwithit says:

    the difference between sat and the test you took, is the difference between a doctor and a bricklayer! you tested for a vocational school. not that there is anything wrong with that !
    too bad , you didnt become union, you wouldnt be a teacupper.


    • So sad how little you know. Career Assessment aptitude tests assist in the evaluation of which college major is best suited to your skills and interests. Are you wanting sympathy for your ignorance?


    • I bet you would make a better doctor than a bricklayer for as a bricklayer everyone would see your mistakes but as a doctor you would get away with them using the excuse “i was just practicing” And am betting you love hiding your mistakes. like never answering my question about your love “Hillary”


  19. fedupwithit says:

    that aptitude test was for hairdressers, would you like to learn dipilatories or bangs?


  20. fedupwithit says:

    you make all these hairbrained hypotheses, youre supposed to be well read, what harry potter.
    you cant make a simple english sentence. lets deal with a fact. Jaybird referenced the Spring March, how did that go ? how many showed up? was there a drone strike as one of the founders
    remarked in a radio interview. The extreme low number shows you people are EXTREMEly low on the totem pole. Hillary for president! I love obamacare . we need more immigrants. and death to those who use aerosal cans ! and cattle ranchers are gay!


  21. wow not only are you racist but now your homophobic. Yup you make a good democrat as long as you get your handouts.


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