DJIA long term guess


Cit’s on the daily are as follow.  2/17,  3/28…    wave 4  should bring us down to  14700 area . it is possible  that we  can hold the  bottom  at dow  15617  but  i  think we need 1  more wave down into  the march time period.Image

you can double click on the photos  than after looking on them back click to get back to page.

Here I have a weekly chart up showing  DJIA going out 2 years.  I am looking that the ultimate top tobe on  August 7th 2015. and somewhere between 18500 and 20000.

BTW  anyone can comment here and please do .If you do not want to leave your real email addy just use a fake one  they do not care.


About ketchemandfleezem

I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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One Response to DJIA long term guess

  1. ann says:

    forecasting the timing of CIT its very hard, incredible charts, waiting for a mid February bounce


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