TWTR Caveat emptor

Caveat emptor  TWTR  has a very short history  did  a nice power drive up  from  Dec 1 , looks like everyone fell in love with  stock  and than no more buyers , the  ones that missed the ride  jumped on in  the second rebound but  there just were not enough of them to  push it all the way back up  and those in the first run  who were in the money wanted a divorce  so left the party.
The blue line should have been strong support  but  it is now close to a fib so this could cause a minor bounce back up to blue line . We really do not have any strong support till the 50% retracement or the red line. This will be the true test for TWTR.  After that  the purple line becomes support .  twtr

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I like to call tops and bottoms in the market.
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One Response to TWTR Caveat emptor

  1. Ann says:

    Yes the red line, that’s where I would be interested


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